What language do they speak in Annobón?

— Erick Tyson von Mueller

Annobón is part of Equatorial Guinea. The first European colonizers were Portuguese. Then the region became Spanish. Now Equatorial Guinea is independent.

While the official languages of Equatorial Guinea are Spanish and Portuguese, Spanish is far more common in most of Equatorial Guinea.

However, Portuguese is more common on Annobón for several reasons:

This means that Portuguese legacy is stronger in Annobón than the Spanish legacy.

You should know that the people actually speak a Portuguese creole called Annobonese or Fa d’Ambu, which you may recognize as similar to the Portuguese phrase for “Annobón language” Falar de Ano Bom. Annobonese combines Portuguese and the indigenous Angolan language of the people transported from that region of the mainland to work the plantations on Annobón as slaves.