• Hotel Annobón

    Hotel Annobón

    As you might expect of a four-star hotel on a volcanic tropical island, Hotel Annobón is surrounded by a volcanic landscape covered in thick vegetation. The caldera (which is not the highest point of the island) is to the Southeast. The highest point at 598 meters (1,962 ft), Quioveo, is beyond the caldera also to the Southeast. The hotel is away from the capital San Antonio de Palé, and well above the beach. Read more…
  • How is cocoa grown?

    How is cocoa grown?

    Does chocolate really come from trees?

    Chocolate is a preparation of cocoa beans. Pure cocoa has distinct flavors which may be likened in their complexities to wine. Typically, the preparation includes sugar to provide sweetness. The addition of sugar and other ingredients to blends of cocoa bean powder from different sources provides a uniform flavor profile for well-known products like branded chocolate bars. This is a photograph of cocoa bean pods growing on a cacao tree. Imagine if the tree itself is growing on Annobón. Read more…