Hotel Annobón

— Erick Tyson von Mueller

As you might expect of a four-star hotel on a volcanic tropical island, Hotel Annobón is surrounded by a volcanic landscape covered in thick vegetation. The caldera (which is not the highest point of the island) is to the Southeast. The highest point at 598 meters (1,962 ft), Quioveo, is beyond the caldera also to the Southeast.

The hotel is away from the capital San Antonio de Palé, and well above the beach. You should have views of the Atlantic ocean from any of the rooms on the upper floors because the island is small and the ocean is large.

Hotel Annobón
This is Hotel Annobón. I give it 5/5. Image: TripAdvisor

Every place has a vibe. The atmosphere at Hotel Annobón is typically African with elements of European culture that are the legacy of the era of Spanish Empire. They say this provides a particular synergy.

You are not likely to find many other people who will be familiar the with incredible natural aspects of this island. If you have the chance, you should be able to relax and enjoy your exclusive vacation on an island that some call “the pearl of the Atlantic.”

The hotel is managed and staffed by qualified professionals. If you are lucky, you can contact them at